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Computers - love or hate 'em??

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Like most people, when I first met computers I thought they were Great. As a writer it is a huge advantage to be able to edit, move paragraphs, even chapters about, at a few clicks of a mouse (never could get used to those sliding things).

The trouble is that they have developed at such a pace, created a language of their own, so that for many (especially older) mortals they become incomprehensible. For example, why - for apparently no reason at all - does your computer suddenly announce that you are not on-line when you know for sure that you are and have only just finished sending off some emails? And then, having tried all other means, you switch the wretched thing off, go and have cup of coffee, switch everything on again, and suddenly it is working again.

Added to this, the younger world has become so addicted that it is sometimes difficult to get any sense out of them. Just think of a parent collecting a child from school, so engaged with their screen (the parent, not the child) that they barely acknowledge the youngster; or two people walking or eating together, so engaged with contacting someone elsewhere that they ignore each other.

Progress? I think not. Though I am prepared to change my mind if the argument is in plain English and does not involve downloading a barrage of apps.

What do you think?

(below) Yes, I know I'm untidy!

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